how to develop a Positive Attitude

Looking at life as well as in work sometimes you will feel depressed, not love work, not find joy with your work is doing … Such times you will probably get advice Think more positively, love the job, etc. But most do not get a solution or method to help you think more positively.

So how do you get a positive attitude, especially if it does not come naturally to you?

1. Harmony with people who have positive thoughts
There is a saying “birds of a feather flock together” similar to the Vietnamese saying “codename code”, can be understood in two ways:

Either the same people play together or the people in a group become similar over a period of time.

When life around you there are always people with negative thoughts what will happen? Do you always maintain a positive attitude? Maybe it is possible but I think it will be very difficult.

They always complain about everything, not satisfied with everything, irritability, negative, pessimistic … When daily, for hours exposed I find that most likely we will be affected, will be Their negative thoughts and emotions affect a part of their thinking and judgment.

Besides there are also many QA, they can do their job well, take care of themselves and care for the family. Then why not try connecting with people who like their work, have new ideas, and take care of things other than work. It will make you look better.

You can not always choose your co-workers, but you can be careful about the time you spend with them and in any environment. If you are stuck with a negative group, be careful not to engage in negative expressions. Take a break and walk instead of basking in the deadlock.

Here, I do not advise you to alienate colleagues, shunned people with negative expressions, I just want to encourage you to be more involved with active people, active activities.

2. Be entertained or immersed in active leisure games
The same with “Harmony with positive thinking people”, mixing in positive games will also help you gradually change your attitude.

Everybody says the job of a QA is extremely boring, it’s just a bumpy search for a job, but there are a lot of QA’s that find it interesting. You test a music app, you can also try up and download your favorite music into the app to test …

Take a break during office hours by listening to a symphony, watching a short comedy, reading a good story, doing something you love … Things that will not take up too much of your time. but it will help you reduce stress, reduce work pressure, sometimes work is not too dry.

3. Control your language.
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that the linguistic structure influences a person’s view of the world and how they think. At the farthest level, your language really limits or describes how you can feel the world.

That is a hypothetical, admittedly.

But on a smaller scale, the language you use every day, both in terms of thought and words, has a cumulative effect on how you think about yourself, your work, and the people around you.

Example: The same problem in the job as finding a bug when reporting a bug to the developer if you say “I found a bug in the product you made” that shows that I am really serious. At work, the job has no funny humor but if I say “I caught a bug in your perfect code” it still expresses the problem I need to convey but it becomes interesting. more taste

Language has a great impact on people, it has the ability to cognize consciousness, think from one person to the other so be aware of how you choose to think and talk in the work. Find a positive way to see things and people.

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