how to get out of depression

I know, my friend. That how many times you are sleeping. That how much pain you are suffering. And how much space is being filled by your negative beliefs every day. No one can understand why one person is depressed while the other is not. No one can understand a depressed person. The suffering of each person is different. Without empathy, one can not help the person suffering from depression.

I have. I feel your suffering. I understand you do not want to escape. You can not, right?

Let me tell you. My friend is a businessman. He is very talented, learned erudite and possesses the ability to earn a lot of money from his own business. I asked him why he said he got it today because of 9 words only. And he also revealed that he had been depressed. To the extent that I can not get rid of anxiety every day. Even the reason for living is due to another worry. “Fear for my beloved wife will collapse and can not live on because of his departure, and he stopped, telling me every golden word that helped him to beat up depression and have success as today.

“Step by step every day in the present”
Like that entrepreneur. My friend, you do not reduce your good power at all. I’m here to tell you that your energy is locked deep under the dark patch of illness called Depression. And once you beat it, you will be stronger and more successful than ever.

Do you know why? Because you are special, you may be suffering from Depression while others are not. I’m here to help you realize how special you are. And from there, you can create your own escape path so that you can shine again or more than what you think you can.

“Ink” is what I put in the article to refer to the “bad actor” is stain the power to your freedom and good life.

Imagine us being born a blank sheet of paper. And those who are depressed are those who are “squashed”. Now the paper is no longer white. And quickly, it turns black.

Letter to the Depressed: 9 words only to get you out and resurrected – Photo 1.
Not stop there, once the depression has hit the host, they spread as fast as the virus, so the ink did not stop to let the paper dry up and continue to wet it. And if it continues like this, the paper will soon be torn and crushed so easily that you just need to gently press the paper crumbs almost immediately.

I will go step by step will expose the black ink is clinging to you. From there you can breathe a little, step by step, until you can walk yourself to the free portal full of life and energy.

Get rid of “anxiety” to know what to do next
Normally we have a lot of worries. But with depression. I know you have more worries every day. And you are immersed in it without knowing that “anxiety” is the first ink bottle is poured on you. “Knowing what to do next” is the first step for the depressed. When they themselves are in the state of indefinite, empty.

The prehistoric people themselves have had constant anxieties and insecurities to keep themselves from the cruelty of nature and other predators. So once we let our minds go empty, almost immediately emotionally, emotionally, and emotionally. They are the inherent nature of humanity. So the only way to stop them from entering us is to “know what to do next”

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