how to write a cover letter

Regardless of applying for a job, internship or job application, expressions of interest may also contain some rules to be noted below.

In English cover letter or motivation letter, usually with a CV when submitting a candidate. This text can be translated as a cover letter / letter of intent in Vietnamese.

If the CV helps readers know the milestones you have experienced, then cover letter helps them better understand your skills, experience and aspirations. In a nutshell, this is something that will help you show your employer how you fit in your candidacy. So many employers are more interested in CVs than CVs.

A standard letter of intent must reiterate and clarify your strengths for what you mentioned in the CV. Then you will not only list the time of experience, the position you took, the department you worked for, but also the achievements you have achieved.

There are two ways to start a job application letter, the most is to talk about recruiting information or write about yourself.

How to go directly to recruitment information:

– “After reading the recruitment notice of your company at the website / newspaper … for the position …, I am writing to send you your candidature.”

How to talk about yourself:

“Graduating from college … at school … I want to find a job in the field … and this is why I sent this letter to you.”

If you know the name and title of the person who will read the application, then write down the name of the person. This shows that you pay close attention to the small details in the recruiting message.

– “Dear Mr. Nguyen Van A,”

In case you do not know exactly who the recruiter is, you can write:

– “Dear HR department, company …”

Note that at the end of the letter you must also speak the words:

– “Thank you very much”

– “Thank you very much”

To assert your willingness and desire to work, you should use the active sentence patterns, such as:

– “I look forward to your feedback”

– “I am very willing to provide the necessary information in the interview

– “I am looking forward to more detailed presentation of your skills and experience in the interview with your company”

It is not always possible to meet all the recruitment requirements. In the case of only one or two required skills, you can still apply, with the condition of sharing your points plus / minus points. The hiding, licking will make you encounter a lot of trouble later, so it is best to say win over the truth.

Here are some ways to “critique” if your English skills do not meet the required score:

– “Although my IELTS score does not meet your requirements, I still hope to have the chance to interview you directly to be able to demonstrate your speaking ability.”

“Although I did not meet your IELTS score, but with the experience of working in the English language over the last year, I still have confidence in my ability.”

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Of course, the above statements are for reference only. To make a cover letter really appealing, the best way is to “blow” it into a lot of individuality.

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