Keys to Learning Positive Intrapersonal Communications

“Confidence is the key to success,” this is the correct advice and extremely familiar. However, not everyone has confidence at birth. If you are shy and timid, refer to the 7 tips below to nurture your self-esteem.


1. Train your will
Confidence is a state of the brain and can be achieved through targeted actions. Take time to nourish your mind, body and soul every day with healthy activities like exercise, reading, meditation … If you do not spend time with yourself, other people will use the mind. Their point distorts your view, so you will no longer believe in yourself.

2. Only keep negative thoughts useful
Negative thoughts and unsafe feelings always appear. If you keep focusing on them, your mood just gets worse. However, not all negative thoughts are harmful, some will make you stronger and more responsible. Therefore, many psychologists advise that you keep negative thoughts helpful, they make you feel uncomfortable but motivate you to move on, and definitely ignore thoughts that do not end. Take positive action in you.

3. Learn to live your life

Throwing yourself into relationships, or professional and serious courses, is also the way you force yourself to develop, from which to build confidence and humility in character. From skills courses such as leadership skills, teamwork skills, presentation skills, etc. to physical training, body care, etc., can help you develop your skills and abilities. confident.

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4. Learn about “Imposter Syndrome”
Many psychologists refer to this syndrome, which is formed when we are constantly self-deprecating and thinking we can not accomplish anything, and any success we have is due to luck. To overcome this, you should learn how to find out the pros and cons of yourself. Remember, “Everybody is a genius, but if you value the fish with its climbing ability, it will believe you’re a fool for the rest of your life” (Albert Einstein). Only when you know the true value of your core can you be confident and respect yourself, as well as respect others.

5. Build a personal brand “high quality”

The key to building a person’s confidence is building his “personal brand.” This can be done through high-quality “personal media channels” such as blogs, social networks, video channels, etc. You invest in these channels. Even if they do not attract much attention at the beginning, they are proof that you have taken a proud step and can introduce yourself to others through it – this will Significant impact on your confidence.

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