Steps in Goal Setting

EQVN Blog – Do you want to succeed when doing business online?

100% of the answer is YES. What is the first and most important step for you to succeed?

It’s important to understand your customers and get a fast and secure website. It’s also important to be on social media and engaging content.

But all of this comes only after you’ve got clear business goals.

Having business goals is the first and most important step to success in online business. Without goals, everything you do can be just smoke.

Set a goal for the website

As well as business goals, the website should also have its own goals.

Although they are just simple goals such as engaging readers and interacting with visitors to your website, or larger goals such as increasing conversion rates, you need to write them clearly.

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your website, the next step is to measure those goals.

The simplest way to do this is to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics not only helps you to statistically track visitors to your website, but also allows you to create and measure website goals.


This article assumes that you already have a Google Analytics account, and that we will begin with creating a website goal first.

For beginners, you should measure:

Visitors interact on the website: Visitors who stay on the site are longer than average.
Readers: Visitors who read more pages on the site than average.
Email subscribers: are visitors who subscribe to newsletters or freebies via email.
Customers: Visitors with a purchase.
Effectiveness of advertising: The number of clicks on the ad to see which ad is most effective, and who brings in traffic among those who click on the ad.
Before going into each of the statistics for each goal, let’s take a look at how to create a goal in Google Analytics.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account and from the Account Home page, select the website you want to target.

On the next screen is the Visitors Overview page – here you can check the statistics for Pages / Visit and Avg. View Duration.
Check Pages / Visits with Visitors Overview

Then, from the Admin tab in the upper right corner of the menu, select the website and click on the Goals tab.

The goal setting page in Google Analytics

Now, we can create the following goals:

1. Measure interactive visitors

I start with Goal set 1, and click a few Goal +1 buttons. You will be directed to a window to set up the first goal.

First of all, fill in the target name and select Active.

You will see a list of goal types. We will explore all types of targets in this article, but first select the Visit Duration option for this goal. This section will help you measure the level of visitor interaction, who brings this source of visitors among known sources.

Next, in Goal Detals, select Visit Duration for Visits with and condition is Greater than Avg Visit Duration.

In addition, you can add value to your goal, but if you are not sure then you can fill in here.

Measure visitors with Google Analytics

2. Measure readers

We started setting up a second goal to see who is the reader of the website and who reads more articles.

As with the first goal, we set the name and the target to be active.

Then select Pages / Visits for Goal Type and in Goal Details choose Pages / Visits Greater than your Pages / Visits average.

In this example is 2. You can choose the desired value and finish setting for this goal.

Measure readers in Google Analytics

3. Measure email subscribers

Next, we come to a very interesting part: measuring subscribers receive emails.

Although this part is set up quite easy but will help you a lot of details to help increase the conversion rate.

First of all, you will need to set up a Thank You page to send users to this page after they confirm your email address with you. You will need this page when setting up goals, so this page must be installed first. Once installed, set up your email marketing provider to send visitors there after they confirm your email address.

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